Case Study

Helping Aldi introduce and promote high quality products at a festival


We conquered a special task with this project. We introduced the brand in a gourmet food festival which was an unusual event and a real out of the box appearance for the client. The project was a real success for them and an interesting and fun challenge for us that continued for years.


  • PR print
  • Online ads
  • Radio ads

The Challenge

Creating the design for the brand at the festival, including all BTL material, molinos, stickers, decorations, hostess outfits. PR print, online and radio ads.

The Solution

We proposed an authentic experience of belonging to the ALDI customers community. At the ALDI stand we exclusively offered tasty and high quality meals made from ALDI ingredients only, perfectly in line with the Békéscsaba Sausage Festival’s themes but with ALDI prices.