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Studio 2 — Multi-skilled studio

Our small studio room is perfect for photo and table top video shooting, from product shoots to food photography and more.

The studio is located inside an apartment complex in the Buda district. The studio has plenty of natural light, but if required all windows can be blacked out and lighting equipment is available to provide any desired lighting. The space is quiet, but not sound-proof. Wi-Fi is available throughout the whole venue.

50m2 studio


3m ceiling


  • Wifi
  • Natural light
  • 7m x 6m clear shooting area
  • Plexi Glass
  • 3 color roll background system - white/grey/black
  • 3 x Bowens 500r (flash/strobe) included
  • Smoking machine allowed
  • Bathroom available for product shooting
  • Kitchen area is available for product shooting

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Our other studio

220m2 studio

5m ceiling